Live Fire Exercise

The CrowdStrike® Live Fire Exercise builds your cybersecurity readiness by guiding your organization through an immersive simulation of a sophisticated and advanced targeted attack. The exercise helps prepare your organization by reducing your reaction time to real-world attacks with well-orchestrated, rehearsed processes.

The Challenge

It is vitally important for an organization to prepare and train for potential cyber incidents or attacks. Organizations need to prepare and train for potential cyber incidents and attacks, adding realism to the simulation of a realistic targeted attack scenario.

Tailored to Your Needs and Resources

Tailored to Your Needs and Resources

To be effective, an exercise needs to be based on the strengths and weaknesses of your defensive posture. A scenario with the appropriate levels of difficulty and complexity will be created to give you the most accurate assessment of your team’s response.

Experienced, Not Just Discussed

Experienced, Not Just Discussed

The Live Fire Exercise goes beyond tabletop discussions by pressing participants to take action in a fully immersive experience that focuses on using real tools and capabilities in responding to a cyber incident.



CrowdStrike strives to make the Live Fire Exercise as realistic as possible by featuring a series of injects that simulate real-world inputs, including security tool alerts, media inquiries and customer interactions that probe and test investigation, communication and coordination capabilities. The goal is not only to test your team but each individual on it.

The Benefits of a Live Fire Exercise

Improve the Speed and Effectiveness of Your Response

The Live Fire Exercise is focused on helping improve your organization’s reaction time to real-world attacks through training and simulation and on increasing the effectiveness of your investigation, coordination and communications capabilities.

Prepare an Organizationwide Response

The Live Fire Exercise typically involves the full spectrum of responders, from analysts to executives. Participants learn how to take practical action and gain confidence in their ability to respond and react to a cyber incident.

Test and Verify Your Response Capabilities

For organizations wanting to evaluate the effectiveness of their incident response plans or provide reality-based incident response training, the Live Fire Exercise allows you to fully test and understand your response capabilities.

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What CrowdStrike Delivers

The CrowdStrike Live Fire Exercise is a training opportunity that involves the simulation of a realistic, targeted cyberattack. To conduct an exercise, CrowdStrike develops a scenario and determines the supporting injects needed to test your organization’s response capabilities. The Live Fire Exercise provides the following:

Expert Evaluation

You receive CrowdStrike’s expert evaluation of strengths and weaknesses shown during the scenario and targeted attack. This information will be valuable in helping you prioritize tactical and strategic investments going forward.

Organizational Preparedness

You learn how prepared your organization is for detecting and responding to a variety of attacks, but without incurring the cost and inconvenience of a real security breach.

Exercise Artifacts

CrowdStrike provides artifacts used during the exercise, including the exercise script, associated injects, and overview of the scenario, and includes lessons learned and key takeaways.

Why CrowdStrike?

Experience & Expertise

Experience & Expertise

The CrowdStrike Services Live Fire Exercise team has extensive incident response experience, giving you a real-world simulation of an attack, without the consequences.

Processes & Procedures

Processes & Procedures

The Live Fire Exercise team develops an attack path relevant to your organization, including the steps an adversary would take to achieve their objectives, in order to ensure realism and relevance.

Activities to Practice

Activities to Practice

In addition to the standard discussions, CrowdStrike works with your organization to identify activities to perform throughout the Live Fire Exercise, including drafting a holding statement, briefing the C-suite, searching for an indicator and more.