Securing Wellness


Increase your cybersecurity readiness against today’s most sophisticated cyber threats – and ensure their physical and mental wellbeing too.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and disrupt our lives and business operations around the globe, enterprises across the world are trying to equip their employees to work from home. This sudden increase in home-based workers adds a new cybersecurity challenge. Being prepared has never been more important. 

This webinar will guide you on how you can increase your cybersecurity readiness and defense capabilities against today’s most sophisticated cyber threats. In addition, this session will feature a talk from our invited Nutritional & Wellness experts who will offer valuable tips centred on health and wellbeing.

You can learn from our invited Nutritional & Wellness experts on holistic health approaches to practise Nutritional, mental and physical hygiene that will boost your immune and reduce your risks of infection.  Nutritional session will cover how optimal nutrition is a key to reducing the risks of diseases and boosting your immunity. 

Understanding the body, soul, mental and spirit connection will give you the edge to win.

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