CrowdStrike and the ACSC Essential Eight

CrowdStrike’s alignment with the ACSC’s Essential Eight Maturity Model

The recently released Annual Cyber Threat Report 2021/22 revealed that the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) had received over 76,000 cybercrime reports over the last financial year — or one every eight minutes.

The report recommends that all Australian organisations prioritise implementation of its ‘Essential Eight Maturity Model’, outlining eight key mitigation strategies to reduce their risk of exposure to targeted attacks. Updated by the ACSC in November 2022, the Essential Eight reflects today’s cyber threat landscape, including targeted cyber intrusions, ransomware attacks, malicious insiders, business email compromise and attacks on industrial control systems.

This eBook outlines how CrowdStrike together with CrowdStrike Store partners aligns to each of the eight mitigation strategies. CrowdStrike fully supports organisations implementing the Essential Eight strategies. It’s also important to work with best practice vendors and their services partners to provide additional security controls that complement the Essential Eight.

*Source: Australian Cyber Security Centre
Updated on 12th April 2023

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