Am I Ready?

The CrowdStrike® Services team of incident responders and cybersecurity experts can help your organization answer this important question: Am I ready?

Service Offerings

All Service offerings are available under a CrowdStrike Services Retainer, giving you the advantage of standby access to CrowdStrike security consultants and expertise to respond to a breach, enhance your security practices and train your security teams.

Tabletop Exercise

Leveraging the Service team’s experience, CrowdStrike will guide your organization – both executive and technical participants – through a targeted attack scenario in the Tabletop Exercise. This discussion-based exercise simulates a targeted attack in a time-compressed fashion, but without the risk and time required for a full adversary emulation.

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Adversary Emulation Exercise

Adversary emulation is the most realistic way to gauge your organization’s readiness and ability to defend against a targeted attack. During this simulated attack, the Services team takes a step-by-step approach that follows the attack kill chain, mimicking tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by real-world adversaries as they try to gain access to your network

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Red Team / Blue Team Exercise

Too often, an organization is compromised and the security team doesn’t see an alert. This could be due to multiple factors such as;, a lack of skilled people, inadequate processes, or misconfigured technology. By conducting a CrowdStrike Services Red Team / Blue Team Exercise, organizations are able to identify the gaps in their security postures that limit their ability to detect malicious activity.

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Live Fire Exercise

This exercise takes response simulations beyond tabletops by pressing participants to take action in a fully immersive experience. For organizations that are confident in their ability to respond, or those that have completed tabletop exercises with ease, the Live Fire Exercise turns it up a notch.

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Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing, or pen testing, is the simulation of real-world attacks in order to test your organization’s detection and response capabilities. The purpose of pen testing is not just to identify your environment’s vulnerabilities, but also to test your people and processes against likely threats to your organization. Knowing which adversaries are more likely to target you allows pen testers to mimic the exact TTPs of those specific adversaries — giving your organization a much more realistic picture of how a breach might occur.

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What Our Customers Say

Feedback from customer engagements on the front lines of incident response and proactive cybersecurity.

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Tabletop Exercise

The team was great to work with and designed a very interesting incident for our technical walkthrough after learning about our environment.

Finance: Global Atlantic Financial

Adrian Vargas - AVP, Information Security Risk Management

SOC Assessment

I am highly satisfied with the quality of service provided by CrowdStrike.

Information Technology: ServiceNow

Bhavesh Goswami - Technical Manager, Incident Response